Case of Nerves

3 thoughts on “Case of Nerves”

  1. Yay! I’m glad you got checked. I go and get checked every couple of years. I am really good at checking myself and keeping an eye on things! I had a mole on my shoulder that has been there all my life, but recently has begun to bleed. I do know that the bugs where I live are more prevalent, and I’ve been bit many times. I must have scratched said mole many times over the months which allowed it to not really heal. Long story short, I used essential oils on the area and when the scab came off, as did the mole! Wow! So that was great. I still went in for a “professional” look. And all was well. Yours will be fine too! Keep a good eye on yourself and know your body! Be well! Koko:)

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      1. Yes. One must be their own advocate when it comes to health. Know your body! Know all the aches and pains and the whys, so that you can better care for yourself! In good health, Koko 🙂

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